CCSI’s services evolve from its innovative practices and collaborative work with sanctions policy makers and a wide range of implementation actors.


CCSI’s partners leverage decades of frontline sanctions work and ongoing collaboration with UN sanctions stakeholders to formulate their training and advisory services as well as compliance guidance. Untethered by institutional constraints, CCSI is in a position to offer pragmatic, predictive, and protective guidance.

Typically, they include:

Custom-tailored trainings for government officials or corporate compliance teams.
Guidance to establish whole-of-government or whole-of-enterprise sanctions compliance.
Research and vetting to determine compliance-risk exposures.
Analysis of evolving threats, and likely sanctions responses.
Exploring whether existing constitutional, legal and regulatory frameworks can serve as an adequate sovereign basis for sanctions implementation and enforcement. 
Develop effective and protective due diligence. 
Monitoring of potential exposure to financial and reputational risks.