Cyberattacks and Sanctions

Although UN expert reports delivered evidence that the implementation of UN sanctions was already negatively impacted as early as during the Angola sanctions in 1998, the recent advancements of digital technologies has added incalculable risks to international peace and security. Advanced encryption and distributed ledger technology (blockchain technology) allow negative actors to perpetrate an exotic list of attacks – with a very high probability of complete impunity.

CCSI is researching the many malicious applications of cybertechnologies by violators of UN and other sanctions and is developing and offering trainings to address effectively this new class of threats to international peace and security.

Shortly, CCSI will also unveil a tool to visualize the type and targets of hacking and other cyber-based attacks, as well as the degree by which national cyber regulations are designed to prevent or protect against such attacks. CCSI’s cyberthreat analytics tool will enable governments and corporate compliance officers to identify trends of cyberactors intend in undermining national or international peace and security.