Ashley Taylor

Ashley Taylor

Senior Expert /Trainer

Senior Expert /Trainer, Cybersphere and Sanctions

As a practitioner, entrepreneur and researcher, Ashley Taylor is deeply immersed in the intersection of digital technologies and international security. Being a member of the first generation of blockchain entrepreneurs, Taylor was drawn early to the potential ramifications of encrypted communications and distributed ledger technologies on the integrity of commerce and social development. She co-founded a business to business credit protocol using blockchain, ReSource, where she currently leads compliance and business development


Currently she is compiling data and writing case studies on how cyberspace is weaponized, such as digital thefts of banks and cybercurrency exchanges, intrusions of computer networks to steal military-grade intellectual property, and hacks that modify technical and compliance databanks that normally prevent sanctions violations. She is simultaneously analyzing national regulations in regards to their application for UN sanctions implementation, and leading global trainings for private and public sector professionals in the prevention of cyber-attacks.


She received her B.A. at Duke University in Cultural Anthropology and Visual and Media Studies and has completed a bridge program in Computer Science at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering and one year of an M.S. in Data Analysis and Data Visualization at CUNY Graduate Center.

“Cryptocurrency Challenges: Countering the weaponization of financial technologies that threaten security, undermine sanctions” for Indo-Pacific Defense Forum, Volume 45 Issue 3 2020, and Digital Methods for Circumventing UN Sanctions, A Case Study of the DPRK’s Cyber Force for CCSI in 2019.

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