Who We Are

CCSI Africa is a Kenya-based capacity-building advisory and training firm focused on security and conflict resolution. The company was formed in 2020 as an affiliate of the New York-based non-profit, Compliance and Capacity Skills International (CCSI). The establishment of CCSI Africa was largely motivated by the need to address unique challenges on the African continent with the most appropriate expertise, drawn from a highly qualified pool of experts from Africa and the rest of the world.


CCSI Africa is supported by the wide-ranging capacity-building expertise of CCSI to provide advisory and training services. on:

  • Financial integrity management for the public and private sectors, including crypto-currencies and other value-transfer systems
  • Customs, and border management, with related risk management and post clearance audit procedures, as well as the establishment of One Stop Border Post systems
  • Capacity building assistance for more effective sanctions strategic trade control compliance
  • Maritime, riverine and port security
  • Developing cyber regulations to enhance the integrity of operational and national security
  • Hardening of digital architecture of the public and private sectors against digital intrusion and other cyber threats
  • Digital visualization and mapping
  • Governance and fiscal policy framework
  • Extractive industries' compliance and due diligence with national and international laws, human rights and revenue management consistent with anti-corruption and anti-money-laundering standards

Head of office


Head of office

CCSI Africa is led by Thomas W. Bifwoli, a senior customs and border management expert who has served the Kenya Revenue Authority, as coordinator of UN sanctions monitoring groups, and as chief of the World Customs Organization's regional intelligence liaison office for Eastern and Southern Africa (WCO - RILO ESA). Mr. Bifwoli is a seasoned trainer and mentor to law enforcement and border control organizations. As an experienced practitioner his teaching and training is based on practical and effective Customs control and management practices. He has also consulted for the IMF and for the WCO, lead training and field operations in, among others, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, and Tanzania, on behalf of the international funding agencies from the African Development Bank, Canada, the UK and the US . Mr. Bifwoli holds a Master's degree in public policy from the Strathmore Business School, (Kenya) and a Bachelor's in Education and Mathematics from Kenyatta University (Kenya). In his spare time he practices the duathlon, having qualified to represent his country in the world multisport championships.

CCSI Africa's Projects include:

Training the Ethiopian Customs Commission on One Stop Border Post February 2020

Workshops for African Law Enforcement, Customs, and Border Security Officials on Best Practices for Detecting and Stopping the Movement of Dangerous CBRN materials

Capacity Building for African Maritime Stakeholders on Maritime Practices Combatting Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Conflict Zones