International Ship Registries and UN sanctions on North Korea

Best practice guide


With this program, CCSI experts are reviewing and discussing with national ship registrars and related state and non-state stakeholder Best Practices of UN sanctions on North Korea for Maritime /Ship Registries.

This is an often overlooked, but essential element of UN sanctions. Without the active participation of ship registries the UN sanctions will be largely toothless. The reason is self-evident: North Korea sanctions evaders and violators often use maritime transportation to accomplish their illicit objectives. Consequently, maritime sanctions measures have been applied, but none of them can have a meaningful impact without the ultimate measures – the de-flagging, de-registering, and seizure of cargo and ship of vessel caught in a sanctions violation. These actions cannot be legally accomplished without the collaboration of the relevant ship registry.


But ship registries also have far-reaching additional implementation and compliance obligations. They are addressed comprehensively in a handbook that will be available to participants of workshops. Additional tools are also available in the form of three case studies.

I. Due Diligence to Protect National Ship Registries from UN Sanctions Violations by Enrico Carisch

II. The Relationship Between Ship Registries and Port and Maritime Security by Capt. (ret.) John Holmes

III. Customs Enforcement and Ship Registration by Thomas Bifwoli