Mark McFalls

Mark McFalls

Senior Contributor

Criminal Investigations, Senior Criminal Investigator and Senior Enforcement Trainer

Mark McFalls spent 32 years with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) holding several roles including Manager of Criminal Investigations, Senior Criminal Investigator and Senior Enforcement Trainer. During this time, and in response to the events of 9/11, he was seconded to a specialized multi-agency enforcement team investigating terrorist financing. He oversaw the installation of radiation detection portals (RDPs) at various marine ports in western Canada and partnered with Global Affairs Canada on a mission to install RDPs in the south of Mexico.

He has worked collaboratively with numerous international bodies including the UNODC, OLAF, the FATF on numerous enforcement and training initiatives and has previously served as an Investigator with the OSCE enforcing UN Sanctions.

He has designed and delivered training to Customs and border officials globally in the areas of strategic trade, risk management, trade facilitation, intelligence analysis and criminal investigations. Mr. McFalls served as Training Coordinator with CBSA's International Affairs Division where he provided advice and guidance to Customs Administrations on training related matters including the design of Officer induction programs. Mr. McFalls has also served as Chairman of the WCO Commercial Fraud Training Materials Project Group and contributed to the development and delivery of the WCO Virtual Customs Orientation Academy.