Shawna Meister

Sanctions Compliance Advisor, Director, CCSI Canada

Shawna Meister has over 20 years expertise in managing projects, conducting evidence-based research, designing training, and delivering meaningful impact to people and communities. She has a background in international peace and security with specializations in the United Nations (UN), UN sanctions, and Africa and the Middle East regions. Additionally, she is trained in various sex, gender, equity, diversity, and inclusion areas, and ensures research, projects, and implementation activities reflect these important lenses. Providing expert training and implementation also have been a core component of Shawna’s career.

She has been a contributor to CCSI’s work since its establishment, including analyzing the impact and effectiveness of UN sanctions, examining non- proliferation sanctions, contributing to country training teams, and as a co-author of CCSI’s 2017 publication, The Evolution of UN Sanctions. She envisions a more secure world rooted in respect for human rights for all, equity, and sustainable security.