Grejs Gjergji

Expert on Legal and Constitutional Affairs

Ms. Grejs Gjergji is an expert in the application of international law to multilateral and international frameworks for peace and security. As a native of Albania, Ms. Gjergji is engaged in civil society efforts and public policy developments for equitable governance capacities, human and gender rights in the Western Balkan countries. She has supported the preparation of legal and foreign policy advice to the President of the Assembly of Kosovo, assisted Albania’s utility company with compliance and regulatory applications, after she had served the Gender Alliance for Development of Albania, and supported Albania’s eventual integration into the European Union.

Coinciding with her interests in promoting human/gender rights and security, she is participating in and advising CCSI programs that support national legal implementation processes of relevant UN and other international instruments, sanctions, and strategic trade control frameworks that advance the collective security system.

Ms. Gjergji has a Masters of Arts in European Law and Human Rights Systems from the University of Panthéon-Sorbonne, France, and an Advanced Master of Arts in European Interdisciplinary Studies from the College  of  Europe,  Natolin,  Poland, and has also interned with the Energy Community Secretariat in Vienna, Austria and the Economic Intelligence Department of the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Agency (EADS).