Won Jang

Senior Researcher

Won Jang is a researcher on UN sanctions, politics in the Korean peninsula and the Middle East. Growing up in a post-2001 world where both the Korean peninsula and the Middle East were changing rapidly, he developed a keen interest in both regions. As a South Korean living in South Korea, Won decided to study political science in college to further his insight into the events that were shaping Korean society and beyond. During his studies, he had numerous exchanges with North Korean defectors as well as experts on North Korea, which contributed significantly to his understanding of North Korea. After college, he decided to live and work in Egypt to pursue his interest in the Middle East, where he stayed for more than four years. He has also worked on projects in Lebanon and Jordan. At CCSI, Won is interested in how sanctions work in relation to North Korea and Middle Eastern countries, and also the relationship between sanctions and humanitarian policy and women’s rights. He holds a Master of International Affairs degree from Columbia SIPA.