Tarita Roy Choudhury


As part of Tarita Roy Choudhury’s studies in environmental sustainability and urban space renewal, she is collaborating with CCSI experts on international conflict prevention and resolution to gain a better understanding of how climate change and gender discrimination converge into new conflict dynamics.
The climate crisis is a threat multiplier that impacts communities around the world, and more so in the Global South, with marginalized and vulnerable communities bearing the brunt of the impact. As part of this research, she is working to identify the different kinds of environmental violence experienced in marginalized communities, with a focus on women, as well as examples of environmental stewardship in indigenous communities globally. This research will identify instances of conflict and environmental violence that go beyond the traditional definition of violence and armed conflict, to provide a more comprehensive understanding of these intersectional issues through case studies, interviews, and qualitative and quantitative analyses.

As a native of India with study-work experience in Europe and the United States, she has not only been able to view environmental degradation and possible remedies through a global lens but also from personal experience gathered both in the Global South and North. In collaboration with CCSI, she will deliver an assessment of the most virulent impacts that policy makers should expect if climate change and gender discrimination remain unchecked.