Amy Diarra

Project Manager

Amy DIARRA, from Dakar (Senegal) is a business management and logistics professional, with a specialization in compliance. She coordinates training programs and workshops, and facilitates virtual and in-person audience participation for CCSI’s global activities.

Ms. Diarra is deeply engaged within West African professional communities in advancing awareness and enhancement of best practices in private sector compliance with international sanctions, strategic trade controls regimes, and international human rights and laws.

Prior to her work with CCSI, she worked as a compliance specialist with West African banks until she was obliged to take over the management of the Dakar-based family-owned enterprise, SOGI Suarl Construction company. She accepted this responsibility on an interim basis to fill in for the deceased head of the company. During her management, the company of 50-70 staff and employees, successfully expanded its business in Dakar’s private and public sector of construction and real estate development.

Ms. Diarra obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Business School of the Program of the Institut Commercial de Nancy. She obtained her Master’s degree in Audit and Management Control from the Groupe Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Dakar.