Best Practices Guides

Development of Best Practices Guides for UN Sanctions Actors


The Best Practices Guide for Chairs and Members of United Nations Sanctions Committees (Guide 1) is now available in a preliminary version.

This is the first of two Guides that the Governments of Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden, in collaboration with other interested states, and assisted by Compliance and Capacity Skills International (CCSI), are in the process of developing. Representatives of UN Member States are welcome to obtain a password for a web page containing reports on the consultations events. 

The development of the Best Practices Guide for UN sanctions monitoring expert groups and their coordinators, as well as amendments for the Committees’ Guide, commenced in January 2019 with the following program of consultative events:

A Re-Launch event was held on 5 February at UN headquarters that was hosted by the Deputy Permanent Representative of Australia Sweden H.E. Ms. Tegan Brink in collaboration with H.E. Ms. Irina Schoulgin Nyoni, Deputy Permanent Representative of Sweden, H.E. Mrs. Karen Van Vlierberge, Deputy Permanent Representative of Belgium, H.E. Mrs. Lise Gregoire Van Haaren, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, H.E. Mr. Richard Arbeiter, Deputy Permanent Representative of Canada, and H.E. Mr. Juergen Schulz, Deputy Permanent Representative of Germany.

The event served to publish officially the preliminary version of the Best Practices Guide for Chairpersons and Members of Sanctions Committees, and to review the upcoming consultations and development of the final version of this Guide, as well as the Guide for UN sanctions monitoring experts and their coordinators.

For a summary of the meeting, please see here.
Stakeholder Date range Activities 
Sanctions monitoring experts and coordinators    Jan-June Consultation event in New York plus individual outreach to all former and current experts and coordinators. 
Senior Representatives of the Secretary General  Jan-June Consultation event in New York plus individual outreach to all former and current experts and coordinators. 
Representatives of African Union, European Union, League of Arab States, Organization of American States, ECOWAS, IGAD, SADC. Jan-June Consultation event in New York plus individual outreach to all former and current experts and coordinators. 
Representatives of ICAO, IMO, WCO, FATF, ICC, OHCHR. Jan-June Briefing paper, questionnaire and possible follow-on interactions when representatives are in NY for briefings or by phone. 
Representatives of OLA and other legal experts 19 February Consultation workshop in New York 
Secretaries of sanctions committees 19 February 
UN sanctions and gender 27 February Consultation workshop in Nairobi, Kenya and individual outreach to additional experts. 
Outreach to AU and EU, as well as UN Human Rights Council and related communities  February-March Consultations with AU in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), EU in Brussels (Belgium), HR Council in Geneva (Switzerland)   
Private sector   June Consultation event with representatives of internationally active companies in New York 
Release and presentation of two Guides in print and e-version September Likely to be held New York 

The guidance contained in and envisaged for the Best Practices Guides is based on these consultations. The effort also benefits from the guidance contained in the Note by the President of the Security Council (S/2017/507), as well as the Compendium of the High Level Review of United Nations Sanctions (HLR), and the Assessment of the HLR, launched in November 2015 and August 2017, respectively.

Beyond the Guides’ formative benefits for principal sanctions actors, they aim to also provide other sanctions stakeholders, and particularly states that often face the heaviest implementation burdens, with a one-stop sanctions information source. 

On 26 October the Permanent Representative of Sweden and the Netherlands, H.E. Mr. Olof Skoog and H.E. Mr. Karel J.G. van Oosterom, as well as H.E. Mr. Paul Rietjens, Legal Adviser and Director-General of Legal Affairs, Federal Public Service for Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of Belgium held a public event at UN Headquarters to introduce the joint project for the development of Best Practices Guides. Loraine Rickard-Martin from CCSI summarized the project development plan.