About Us


CCSI was created in 2011 as a partnership of UN sanctions practitioners. With growing engagements, the need for a stronger organizational structure became apparent. CCSI applied for and received approval to be operated as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.


CEO & Secretary


Loraine Rickard-Martin

Chairperson and CEO

Enrico Carisch

Treasurer, Secretary, & Managing Director

Board of Directors


Gary Lutin

Independent Director

Sandra Lyngdorf

Independent Director

Professor Nikos Passas

Independent Director

Dr. Hans-Jakob Schindler

Independent Director

The Honorable Gregory B. Starr

Independent Director

Senior Contributors


Alba P. Delgado

Finance Coordinator

Ashley Taylor

Senior Contributor, Cybersphere and Sanctions

Genevieve Hoffman

Senior Contributor, Data Visualization Engineer, Design Expert

Dr. John Holmes

Senior Contributor, Marine and Port Security

Mark McFalls

Criminal Investigations, Senior Criminal Investigator and Senior Enforcement Trainer

Martin Rioux-Lefebvre

Director of Program Management

Neil Watts

Senior Contributor, Maritime and Surface Weapons Systems

Shawna Meister

Senior Contributor Sanctions, Typologies



Amina Upole Nyna


Anastasia Borosova


Edwin Saliba


Farah AbuSahliya


Muna A. Osman


Ola Al-Tamimi


Won Jang